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FITTEREST Spider Wave Golf Shoes for Men - FTR23 M SS NV104

FITTEREST Spider Wave Golf Shoes for Men - FTR23 M SS NV104

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Fit to detail, play smart: More and more people around the world are enjoying golf as a recreational sport. Detail is one of the most important for golf.

FITTEREST Golf Shoes incorporates a variety of techniques and expertise so that you can focus on detailed hitting movements, swings, and putting, regardless of your level. Now play smart!

Our goal is to create spikeless daily golf shoes that can be worn comfortably for both everyday activities and golf. We aim for a multiverse lifestyle that allows us to live our daily life without changing shoes. 

Spider Wave:


Spider Wave (previously ‘Wave’)

It can be used as everyday shoes and golf shoes without having to change by taking advantage of the casual and neat spikeless design. The in-house-developed *AR outsole maintains comfort by applying an air circulation system. When considering the part that touches the floor during the swing, the protrusions are arranged so that the weight is evenly distributed on the field.


• Everyday golf shoes: Can be worn both daily on and off the field 

• Eco-friendly product using recycled leather upper

• Spider Wave outsole: During a swing, the circular protrusions in the outer sole spread like a wave, effectively distributing and balancing your foot movement in any direction over 360 degrees.

• Ergonomically designed outsole: excellent grip provides a stable swing 

• Excellent cushioning: Comfortable for walking 

• Deodorization/Breathable: Comfortable even after prolonged wear 

• Cloud foam insole provides great cushioning, allows for comfortable walking, absorbs shocks with excellent resilience, and relieves impacts on ankles and knees. 

• Air-on midsole-EPR material is used, so you can experience stability when swinging.

• Lighter and more comfortable than regular golf shoes. (About 1 lb.) 

• Pylon + rubber outsole specialized for traction and durability as well as lightweight. 

• The inner - Quantum: A new fusion fiber that has excellent deodorizing qualities that reduces foot odor and helps keep the inside of the shoe comfortable.


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  • 150.png__PID:08890504-9afa-4382-a0b3-d43d169efb87

    Eco-friendly product using recycled leather


    Modern cushioning brings comfort to the feet.


    Design embracing the legs, elegant, not too rough

  • WASH

    The material is not dirty so it is easy to wash


    The sole is made of special abrasion resistant rubber


    Designed to cool and deodorize