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FITTEREST Honeycomb Ground Golf Shoes for Men - FTR24 M401

FITTEREST Honeycomb Ground Golf Shoes for Men - FTR24 M401

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Attention to detail, play smart: More and more people around the world are enjoying golf as a recreational sport. Attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of golf. 

FITTEREST Golf Shoes incorporate a variety of techniques and expertise, enabling you to concentrate on the detailed hitting movements, swings, and putting, regardless of your skill level. Play smart!

Our goal is to create spikeless daily golf shoes that offer comfort during everyday activities as well as on the golf course. We aim for a versatile lifestyle that allows you to go about your day without the need to change shoes.

Honeycomb Ground:


Honeycomb Ground

The self-developed outsole, named Honeycomb Ground, features a hexagonal honeycomb shape with more than 400 protrusions in three variations, providing consistent grip in any direction. They are arranged to evenly distribute weight on the field during a swing and also to offer durability and comfort for everyday use, with a design that allows for casual wear.


• A mix and match of eco-friendly materials with cow leather.

• Ergonomically designed outsole for a stable swing and excellent grip.

• Cushioned for comfortable walking.

• Daily golf shoes suitable for both everyday life and the field.

• Deodorization and breathability: remains comfortable even after prolonged wear.

• The use of recycled and natural leather enhances design diversity, detailing, and eco-friendly aspects.

• The Fitterest design insole offers soft cushioning for comfortable walking, excellent shock-absorbing resilience, and reduces impact on the ankles and knees.

• The application of alliance construction methods in handmade shoes ensures the robustness and durability of the combination of the upper and outsole.

• The rubber outsole specializes in grip and durability, while the EVA midsole provides comfortable cushioning.

• A sporty yet casual design, coupled with the benefit of being spikeless, allows for use as everyday shoes without the need for changing, and they are also suitable as golf shoes.

• The lining incorporates mesh material for comfort and breathability, and the use of synthetic fibers helps reduce foot odor, maintaining a pleasant interior of the shoe.


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  • 150.png__PID:08890504-9afa-4382-a0b3-d43d169efb87

    Eco-friendly product using recycled leather


    Modern cushioning brings comfort to the feet.


    Design embracing the legs, elegant, not too rough

  • WASH

    The material is not dirty so it is easy to wash


    The sole is made of special abrasion resistant rubber


    Designed to cool and deodorize